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Tsukasa Inoue known as drummer of the jazz rock band “fox capture plan” and “THE JUNEJULYAUGUST “ from Japan has the experience of playing drums in various genres such as gind core, hard core, heavy metal, rock, pops,and jazz. Aside from this career, he has been composing songs for various materials, influenced by HipHop, Electro music, as a composer and also producer. In 2020, he started working as a music composer with Mei Tamazawa(Mei Konishi) who is known as a 3DCG creator in japan for Japanese huge famous rock festivals ( Count Down Japan, Japan Online Festival, Japan Jam, etc). And finally, his long-awaited own 1st album “EVOLVƎ” was released in spring, 2022, also The release show of it was held at Blue Note TOKYO. 

In 2023, His own 2nd album “Helix” was released in autumn, 2023, and He held own release party at Billboard Live YOKOHAMA.

At last, he is solo touring in Japan 2024.

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